remote mailbox sensor

Checking your mailbox often while waiting for the mail can be an inconvenience. And it’s nice to know when the mail carrier has picked up remote mailbox sensor the mail you put out without having to go looking in the mail box. The Mail Chime solves both of these problems! A sensor mounts to your curbside box, mail slot or wall-mounted box and any time your mail box is opened, the Mail Chime receiver beeps four times and the LED lights to alert you. In case you missed the beeps, the bright red LED light will stay lit to tell you the mail has been delivered until you press the reset button. No more wondering if the mail is gone and no more wasted trips to the mailbox just to find it empty. Simply mount the sensor on your mailbox door using double sided tape (included) and plug the Receiver into an electrical outlet anywhere in your home. When the mailbox door is opened, the Mail Chime will beep four times. And, in case you missed the beeps, a bright red LED light will tell you the mail has been delivered. You’ll love the convenience of knowing when your mail is delivered. The Mail Chime also acts as security device notifying you that an unauthorized person has opened your mailbox door. The Mail Chime is only designed to be used on the three basic types of mailboxes; i.e. the curb side, wall mount and the slot type mailboxes. It is not designed to be used on mailboxes with vertical hinges such as cluster type community mailboxes. It’s important for both security and convenience to know when your mail is picked up and/or delivered. This remote sensor sends a signal whenever your mailbox is opened—four quick beeps and an LED alert light. Sensor attaches to box with double-stick tape, no wiring required. Receiver can be placed up to 450 feet from sensor, and plugs into any standard outlet. Works on all types of mailboxes.